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Traffic patterns changed exiting TIA

12/22/2007 - Tampa Airport Interchanges -- SR 60 (completed March 2010)

TAMPA – Two new ramps opened Saturday morning (December 22) for traffic exiting Tampa International Airport (TIA) on George Bean Parkway.

The first ramp exits to westbound State Road 60 and is the preferred ramp to use to access the Veterans Expressway and roadways north of the Courtney Campbell Parkway. The existing ramp to westbound State Road 60 will remain open; this ramp is the best choice for motorists heading to the Courtney Campbell (towards Clearwater).

The second ramp includes the new flyover bridge that crosses over all lanes of State Road 60. Motorists exiting TIA heading to eastbound State Road 60 and I-275 will use this new ramp, which features a 2096 foot long bridge that is 75 feet at its highest point. After crossing State Road 60, drivers will enter a loop ramp that will cross under the bridge and put them on a temporary ramp onto eastbound State Road 60 towards I-275 and Kennedy Boulevard.

A connection from the flyover ramp to the west end of Cypress Street also opened, allowing traffic exiting TIA to access that section of the Westshore area.

When exiting the airport, motorists will need to pay close attention to roadway signs to get into the proper lanes to access their chosen routes.

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